Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote in metaquotes,
Nobody said it was easy

Four year olds are cute.

The best family story ever, from ladyjaida:

Eric, my cousin, is four years old. The other day, his mother, Lisa, asked him where he wants to live when he grows up -- he's lived in Sweden and New York both, back and forth, for the past few years.

He, however, misconstrued the question, and answered as follows:

"Well, I could live with momma when I grow up. Or I could stay in Sweden with grandma. OR I could live with Margalite." He paused here, looked very thoughtful, and then added, "Or I could be gay, and live with my boyfriend."

His parents have no idea where he got that last bit from, but I'm proud to say the response was "Well, yes, Eric, you could do any of those things, if you wanted to."
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