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only in Canada, people ^_^

3 quotes from mercury_ca's account of her Canadian Idol audition (QWP):

All this time, we've been wondering how they're going to do the auditions in the mall.
The answer is, we're not doing the auditions in the mall, oh no. CTV cares so much about this production they've sprung for Atco trailers outside the mall.
No, I am not kidding.
So we auditioned in a smelly-ass trailer.
Kinda feel dumb getting all dressed up.
It's my turn so I stand on the X and say hi to Mark
Mark: And what will you be doing today?
At this point, I knew I didn't know my lyrics well enough, so I left my body and decided to watch the show. Yes, I'd practiced the lyrics. Just....not as a song, per se.
Me: I'll be doing a dramatic reading of Heart Shaped Box.
Mark: ...Really?
Me: Yes.
Mark: Well, whenever you're ready, I guess.
So I perform a dramatic reading of Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box which included dropping to my knees at one point. Oh yes, it was that good.
Mark doesn't know how to take that. He's trying to hide laughing. I dn't blame him, it as funny. His face looks like it's going to explode.
Me: It's ok to laugh. It was very funny.
Mark: Can you sing it now?
I sing it. And here's the part that makes it golden, people - I flub the words. That I just said.
(from a comment thread)
"What's the most popular song?"
I chime in with "Oh, I have to pee I have to pee..."
"THAT'S the most popular song! Followed closely by..."
"Ahmm so huuuuunnnggggrrryyyyy!!!!"
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