O.K. (caprinus) wrote in metaquotes,

The Fellowship of the Spam

ginmar reads her email:

Dear Spammers:
Yes, I know you use the extra Ss and stuff to slip past the filter. However, it still doesn't work because it gives the impression either you guys are illiterate or you think I'd willingly get a mortgage with someone who spells 'mortgage' with three Gs. Worse than that, however, are the extra Ss everywhere. "Buy your mortgagge with uss!" It's like snakes wrote the spam, with all the hissing going on. "Thrilling new informassion! Increasse your passsion!" I feel like I'm being spammed by Gollum. "Yes, precioussssss, buy your mortgage with us, little hobbitsess. We have low rateses, we does, and we might even have Xtian mortgageses." Because I really want a mortgage document that makes me want to shower after handling it, you know.
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