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badfic! ohnoes!!! (QWP)

juleskicks and fox1013 write the best badfic evar about the cast of LOTR experiencing 9-11...

fox1013: It was warm in New York, that day when Sean, Elijah, and Orlando were lying on the roof, sunning themselves. Warm, but not too warm; no one liked nude sunbathing when it was TOO warm.
"Hey," Sean said. "That plane looks awfully close."
"Maybe it's going to JFK," Elijah said.
Orlando was pretty and smiled a lot.
"SRSLY," Sean said. "I hope that's not a plane full of terrorists. Then I'd have to use my psychic powers to save the world AGAIN."
"Sean," Elijah said patiently, "you don't actually have psychic powers."
Orlando said soemthing stupid and combed his pretty pretty hair.

juleskicks: "I got it," Orlando explained, "to try to ease some of the pain of unrequited love."
"And a devastating terrorist attack?" Elijah asked.
Orlando looked confused, but prettily so. "Yeah," he said. "Why not? Her name is Human Rights," he added, and stroked the pony's nose.
"Oh," Elijah said, nodding sagely. "You mean like they don't have in Afghanistan."
It was at this point, unfortunately, that the pony mistook one of Orlando's pretty, perfectly-formed fingers for a carrot, though, and bit him.

All the comments are hysterical - go check it out. Srsly. Or Sean's psychic powers will disappear.
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