Super Sinner (supersinner) wrote in metaquotes,
Super Sinner

Culled from the recent kerfluffle in cooking about whether it's irreligious to mock another person's pancake recipe. (Yes, we really were arguing over that...)

deerhunterbabe: i'm also guessing that none of the people in this community are Christians. if so, then they are bad Christians. God tells us to "love thy neighbor". i know He disapproves of your behavior.

kageneko: 'Cause really... only Christians have a moral code, after all.

herooftenfailed: That was true at one time, but on the eighth day, God created eBay, and saw that it was good. We can all own moral codes now, free ship! no reserve!

Undaunted by this flippancy, the discussion of whether you will go to hell for being snarky continues.

mindiloohoo: God blacklists people based solely on what livejournal communities they belong to. It makes his job easier.

And continues...

herooftenfailed: Thanks for turning this into cookingwiththeselfrighteousjesusfreak!

Until a side-discussion about whether deerhunterbabe's church oppresses women yields the best quote of the thread.

clockworktomato: Don't you have a husband you need to be subserving?

deerhunterbabe: i'm not married. i do have a wonderful bf though whom i am promised to.

moon_very_thin: "To whom I am promised" - Even bigotry is no excuse for ending a sentence with a dangling preposition.
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