evadrad (vinegartoast) wrote in metaquotes,

Thinking in Blog...

From my friend Renee, who shall no longer remain eljaynonymous. thanks!

So I was going to share with all of you why I'm eating Raisin Bran this morning, but instead I'll try to maintain my dignity for a little while longer. Instead I'll share with you my sentiments on Blogging. First of all, the word itself. It reminds me of the sound the plunger makes when you finally unclog the toilet. BLOG gurgle gurgle.... But the more I think about it, maybe it's onomatopoeia. Like that's the actual sound your brain makes when you unclog all the crap that's been mulling around in there (BLOG) and release it down the drain of Myspace into the sewer that is the internet (google google...). Or have I taken it too far?

Either way I'm hating how my brain has been thinking in Blog lately. Last night I couldn't fall asleep cos I was recalling the events of the day, only in choppy, runon freeform with a touch of wit and irony. I detest myself.

QWP blah blah blah
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