O.K. (caprinus) wrote in metaquotes,

Pleased as I am at the vigorous discussions engendered by my last metaquote, today's quote goes completely the opposite way, as sklavin mercilessly taunts and ridicules some obese junk-food gluttons:

I have made friends, first contact if you will, with the racoons outside littleminx's house. They kept trying to eat her garbage so I shook a shovel at them! And then popped my head out the window as they clambered half way down the tree and looked back at me.

And that is when the negotiations began. I said "stay away!"... one came back... I shook a shovel at it...it came back.. I yelled at it... it came back... then I tried to reason:

"Look Mr Racoon! You're pudgy! You shouldn't eat anymore garbage".. it came back... and it brought a friend!... "look! You're getting FAT! No More Garbage! Either of you!"... they came back.. "OMG! You waddle when you walk, you fat racoons! You need to think about weight watchers, or slim fast or something! No more garbage! FATTTTT!"

They haven't come back since. Whew!

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