no_relation (no_relation) wrote in metaquotes,

Crossover in headspace.

buenabuena lets her mind wander. Public post, QWP, use as directed.

Me, hearing Jason Lee's voice in my head while watching the graveyard scene from 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire':

"Hey, Harry--did you see how I made the Triwizard cup a PORTKEY, so that I could trap your ass in this graveyard and AVADA KEDAVRA you big time? Am I brilliant, or what? Why, I can remember when I came up with this plan, back when I was all gnarled and helpless and fetal-like, and decided to make Kid Barty look like that one-eyed dude to totally trick everybody at Hogwarts, and..."

[Voldemort finally notices Harry plotting an escape from his self-congratulatory blather]

"Oh, ho ho! You sly dog! You got me monologuing!"
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