slovak vampire (numisma) wrote in metaquotes,
slovak vampire

Jesus slash!

In a friends-locked post, QWP, trf_chan gets excited over religious artwork. Perhaps not the way it was intended to excite, but amusing nonetheless.

On Sunday, I had to cut out a bunch of religious pictures to get 'Living the Faith Hours' (you're required to get so many a year at our school). God, but they were hilarious. >DDD Jesus is totally flirting with Peter in one of them. He's all, ":D" and Peter's like "*blush*", and Jesus is about to take his hand. Then there are some random men in the background who are all, ":OOOO", and one woman with a look that is totally, ":333"

Fact of Life: Women have always been slash fans. Always.

Yes, Peter, you are a more ways than one.

ComeHither!Jesus (as I call him) can be my savior any day, as long as he brings some of his bitches (read: "disciples") and a tub of lube. Hot damn.

Another one is Homie!Jesus. He's surrounded by woman and children, and has this, "Yeah, bizatches, it's cool, it's cool" look on his face. And there's a random Roman with an afro glowering on a nearby hill.

Religious artwork for children = Quite amusing.
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