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Spoiler spoilers into Spoiler.

nostalgia_lj [discusses somes spoilery spoilers] regarding Doctor Who (2005), sort of.

nostalgia_lj: (snip) And purely in terms of seeing icons all over the place, is there anyone in LJ fandom who'll be seeing DW for the first time when it airs in the US who doesn't actually know that Spoiler spoilers into Spoiler?

meghatron: As for Spoiler spoilering into Spoiler, I feel bad for the peeps who are waiting for Sci-Fi Channel because that network sucks ass. Even my husband, who has been a Doctor Who fan since childhood, is waiting to watch them broadcast, despite the presence of all the new episodes on my hard drive. He is spoiled for spoiler in question, because I was spoiled for the DW spoiler by the HP fandom, when a certain spoiler was cast in Goblet of Fire.

mostalgia_lj: Also, re: spoiler. That's going to be odd. Because the UK's a whole new Spoiler and so... yes. "Hmm, why has my flist changed icons? Who's that guy? Why's he with that girl Spoiler hangs with?" Based purely on icons one could go "Rose is kissing some guy in S2? Does the Doctor know about this?" I know I think of that one (i.e. that Spoiler spoilers into Spoiler) as public domain, whereas I try not to spill out the fact that Spoiler spoilers the spoiler and then spoilers the spoilers and that this is what leads to Spoiler becoming Spoiler.

(That said, I've seen more than one person go "Spoiler spoilers? WTF? I didn't know Spoiler meant that Spoiler had to spoiler!")

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