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Those crazy Germans
quietann wrote in metaquotes
Courtesy of sahiya, who is living in Germany right now:

"It's one of those words in German that I think of as "concept words," in which three or four smaller words are stuck together so as to conveniently illustrate a separate but usually related concept. So, from the language that brought you Weltschmerz and Schadenfreude, I present to you . . .

Ortkontrollfahrt (OKF).

Apparently, this is when you arrive too early to a designated appointment and have to drive around so as to arrive precisely at the agreed-upon time.

I couldn't help it. I burst out, right in the faculty room, "Oh my God, that's so German!" And everyone agreed that it was extremely German. Because dude. I've occasionally done it (when I had a significant amount of time before, for instance, a job interview), but only in Germany would it be so common that they would need to have a WORD for it. "

QWP, context here.

I've done that. I'm either a minute late, or half an hour early, it never fails.

I do that all the time, but then I'm 3/4 German.

I'm not an ounce German, but I do it all the time too.

Schadenfreude! *Uncontrollable fit of Avenue Q fawning*

Making me feel glad that I'm not YOU! *hums*

my professor gave us a great new german word yesterday: doppeltgemoppelt, which means "redundant."

...I can't help it. All I see is 'troll fart'.

So glad I'm not the only one. Though I was seeing "Orc and troll fart."

What the hell? People can be early for stuff? How is that possible? I dont think the laws of physics allow for it.

Well, no, you drive around and sing along to the radio until you suddenly realize you're five minutes late.

The laws of physics remain immutable.


German is like, king of the super specific compound words.

None of which I can think of at the moment.



Potato pancake pan fat.

My German class's word of choice.

I always get places half an hour early, when I'm driving/riding my bike.

When other people are driving, I'm half an hour late.

Hence, I tell them I have to be there half an hour earlier than I actually do - and I sometimes end up getting there on time.

On flea market days, the family likes to get there at 7:30 at the latest. When we awaken at 4:30, we get there late. When we awaken at 6:34, we get there early.

...that's a German thing? Huh. ...well, I did grow up in Wisconsin.

Of course, I tend to just park, dig out my ever trusty book, and read in my car for 20 minutes.

Same here. Because otherwise I inevitably come back "on time" and see that there's no parking in sight.

Heh. My best friend shows up early. Usually on my doorstep an hour before I'm due to be awake.

Though it's a traffic thing with him. He has to come to beat the nasty 40 miles of traffic jam.

Ha. Yes. We are a peculiar race, are we not? :p

LMAO, I was so going to send you the link to this in an email.

aaaw! a german metaquote, I almost creamed myself.
I love the germans and their neat words... *sigh*

LOL! I know the concept, but I never ever heard that word (yes, I'm German).

Ditto. *puzzled at what foreigners consider "common" German words*

Looks like a word designed by job interview coachs. There's only so much you can say about job interviews, so they need to be somewhat creative to make their trade look more like serious business.

/wild guess

Okay, what?

Arriving early is bad?

Since when?

What next?

Stabbing your toes with a sewing needle is now good?

Stupid world.


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