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Alphabet Soup!

Now, on some communities, people have a habit of referring to various parties in stories by initials, ostensibly to protect thier identities.

This can be a pain to read though, as you get lengthy posts with stuff like "And then B went over to see G, who wasn't there so he went to J's house, and found D there, who said that G was out on a date with T"

WTF? mock_the_stupid has already banned the practice... but it still persists in other communities.

Which brings us our quote :)

I'm tired of trying to keep track of all these letters of the alphabet. What we need is a set of standardised pseudonyms. Then people posting on polyamory could just populate the drama of their life from a cast like this:

Alice is the mono partner of Bob, who's also in a relationship with Charles, who's shagging Dina and Edward, who are both fluidbonded with one another and with Frank, who's the ex of Gertrude, who's a 24/7 slave to Heidi, who swings-but-isn't-in-a-relationship with Ian, who's married to Jane, who has permission to sleep with Kevin, who just impregnated Lily, who hasn't yet mentioned this to her husband Michael, who wants to know whether he should get into a relationship with Nicholas, who's already in a so-poly-they-don't-even-have-sex relationship with Oliver, who's running a con along with Prudence, who says she's fine but gets passive-aggressively jealous of Quentin, who doesn't care that he's technically committing statutory rape by sleeping with Raven, who's stalking Simon, who gets pissed off (even though he asked for advice) when people tell him to dump Tanya, who's cheating on him with Ursula, who hasn't mentioned the STD she caught from Victor, who doesn't think it counts as cheating that he's cybering with Xandra, whose other personality is Yasmin, who's about (for the fifth time) to leave Zeke, who's not taking his meds.

Imagine how much more efficient the discussions would be. None of this 'three pages of explication' rubbish, because we already know how everybody relates to one another. Just "Hi, I'm Simon, my girlfriend's Tanya." "Dump her." "No way."

Today's message brought to you by: lederhosen
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