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Academic humour from the LJ of d_benway

Well, I found it amusing. Some more so than others.

The exam experience, as described by film titles

Slumber Party Massacre

What happens when the instructor augments the midterm grades, then sets a final of similar difficulty to the original midterm.

Earth Dies Screaming

What happens when the instructor gets to read the course evaluations before the end of the course, and then reacts badly to the results.

Deep Throat

What happens when the prof's need to be liked is so extreme that he sets an exam which a dead student could pass.

9 1/2 Weeks

What happens when the prof sets an exam that he can just manage to finish in three hours.

Night of the Living Dead
What happens when the prof's evening exam is the third one that almost all students in the class have taken on that particular day.

Les Enfants Terribles

What happens when the students bring machetes to the statistics exam.

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