Crevette (crevette) wrote in metaquotes,

khukuri tells a thrilling tale of a man, a freaking huge spider, and a skirt here.

Bad thing: Typing away merrily, when you suddenly get that being-watched feeling...

Good thing: It's your boyfriend, busy raiding your wardrobe, right?

Bad thing: No, it's the giant fucking huntsman on your bedroom floor.

Good thing: Having someone there to scoop it up in a mug!

Bad thing: It won't fit in the mug.

Good thing: An intense ninja showdown occurs!

Bad thing: Spider does a somersault and legs it down the hallway.

Good thing: I don't know if any of you have had the chance to watch a guy in a skirt hurtling himself bodily around the floor like a one-man swat team and wielding a teacup like a deadly weapon, but it can only ever be classified as a good thing.

Bad thing: The bonds forged in battle are deep indeed, far beyond the reasoning of women.

Good thing: Capture finally ensues...

Bad thing: ..."But he put up such a good fight, I don't want to let him go."

Good thing: Someone with snakes in her bedroom cannot help but be open to other peoples' choice in pets.

Bad thing: Lying awake all night and listening to the tiny thudthudthudthud of footsteps coming from the box in the corner...
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