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Talking to oneself

In my most recent spam post vespurtine decides to hold an, er, interesting conversation with herself. Friends-locked post, QWP. Context is that there are 20 pages of comments. Note: very long. Hope the length isn't a problem or against the rules.

vespurtine: Wow. 20 pages. U GUYS R CRAZY LOL. And my computer is possessed -- it keeps selecting text so I write over it and going back a page and stuff. Very frustrating.

...Imma go make cookies now.

vespurtine: OR I guess I could have a conversation with myself.

vespurtine: Exactly! I could. Because I haven't really spammed much.

vespurtine: Yeah, I did showcase my icons, which is a good 70+ comments, but I can do better.

vespurtine: And I could easily have a conversation with myself. I do it all the time.

vespurtine: Well, usually there's another person there.

vespurtine: So I at least have the ILLUSION that I'm talking to someone.

vespurtine: When really I'm just talking AT them.

vespurtine: (And yes, I definitely got lazy and stopped switching my icon.)

vespurtine: It's a little more difficult to pretend that you're having a conversation with someone like this.

vespurtine: Then again, I've never needed to pretend -- I can easily and happily mutter away to myself.

vespurtine: OKAY, so that moral dilemma is solved. Thanks for your input :)

vespurtine: You're very welcome.

vespurtine: So, what's your stance on dark versus milk chocolate?

vespurtine: Milk chocolate, definitely.

vespurtine: Are you serious? Like, really?

vespurtine: ...what's wrong with milk chocolate? D:

vespurtine: It's obviously far inferior to dark chocolate.

vespurtine: I'm really going to have to disagree -- I mean, dark chocolate is good and all, but it's just too rich.

vespurtine: What, just because you're a wimp and can't handle it?

vespurtine: Excuse me? Just because I don't like dark chocolate, I'm a wimp? That's a pretty big leap, don't you think?

vespurtine: No. It's perfectly logical. You're a wimp, and you spend most night crying for your mommy.

vespurtine: Right. Whatever. You're a cocky brat that is probably STALKING ME, if you claim to know what I do at night. Which isn't crying for my mommy.

vespurtine: No, it's prostitution.

vespurtine: Lies.

vespurtine: Not really.

vespurtine: Don't make me come over there. I'll kick your ass, for serious.

vespurtine: Now now. Let me be the voice of reason here and say that you should probably stop arguing like that -- you're going to start wank. With yourself. People will think you're crazy.

vespurtine: If they've managed to make it this far into the thread, they probably already suspect that.

vespurtine: Yeah, STFU, n00b.

vespurtine: Well sorry for trying to be the only intelligent one in this madness.

vespurtine: Well maybe you weren't welcome?

vespurtine: Screw you!

vespurtine: Screw you first!

vespurtine: Ha ha, morons.

vespurtine: I'm leaving. You're just stupid, I don't want to be brought down to your level.

vespurtine: Fine by me.

vespurtine: So, anyway. Sesshoumaru is SO hotter than Inuyasha.

vespurtine: leik OMG shut up, ur jus stupid and u don't kno what ur talking about inu-chan 4 eva we're lovers he's mine BACK OFF, BITCH.

vespurtine: whatever. everyone knows sesshy-poo could beat up inu-shitfaceturd any day.



vespurtine: ssssshhh. I'm like ninja. no one knows.

vespurtine: I know.

vespurtine: shut up. u think that sessh is better than inu, so ur obviously the stoopidest stoopid that ever did stoopid. srsly. they'll flunk you outta school for saying such stoopid things.

vespurtine: well you're the assiest ass that ever did ass.

vespurtine: ooooh, good comeback. did your mommy help you with that one?

vespurtine: no, she hates it when I swear.

vespurtine: ha ha, momma's boy.


vespurtine: O rly?

vespurtine: If I'm a boy, that makes you a boy.

vespurtine: ...curse your logic!

vespurtine: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!111!!!1

vespurtine: ...

vespurtine: what? someone had to do it.

vespurtine: you're on drugs.

vespurtine: yah, your pimp gave them to me.

vespurtine: let it go, I'm not a prostitute.

vespurtine: O rly?

vespurtine: well, if I'm a prostitute, that makes you...

vespurtine: ...curses, foiled by my own logic.

vespurtine: HA HA, LOSER.

vespurtine: I WON'T ARGUE WITH THAT.

vespurtine: Oh good. We agree.

vespurtine: Yes. Kikyou is better than Kagome. Agreed.

vespurtine: ...Imma cut you.

vespurtine: BRING IT. I can take you any day! You're just jealous!

vespurtine: How am I jealous? That doesn't even make sense.

vespurtine: No, but fandom uses that excuse all the time. therefore I am enabled.

vespurtine: riiiiiiight. so, because fandom uses TEH STOOPID all the time, you're enabled for that, too?

vespurtine: sure, why not?

vespurtine: that's just stupid.

vespurtine: exactly! SUCCESS.

vespurtine: so only stupid people think Sessh is better than Inu, Kikyou is better than Kagome, and dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate.

vespurtine: BUGGER OFF, TROLL.

vespurtine: hey, your words, not mine.

vespurtine: you're just desperate for attention. lj drama queen!

vespurtine: yes, I'm so desperate, I'm starting wank with myself.

vespurtine: good. acceptance is the first step. I'm glad you've come to terms with your issues.

vespurtine: ...honestly, I could do this for another couple of hours, but I have to go to class.

vespurtine: me too.

vespurtine: NO REALLY.

vespurtine: YES REALLY.

vespurtine: OMGWTFBBQ!!!111!!eleventy!

vespurtine: so we'll have to agree to disagree, just like the rest of the interweb, which is mature, polite, and respectful.

vespurtine: *SNERK*

Okay then. Agreed.
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