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because everyone loves thanksgiving...

part of a post by l0rn on why thanksgiving is a time of great cheer:

"...[t]hen there's my controlling grandmother, my mom's mom. And if I don't fill my plate at least twice at her house she gripes about how ungrateful I am, and why did I leave them, and why am I living a life of sin away from church and God, and eat more stuffing, won't you, and I bet you're probably doing all sorts of immoral things now, and you've probably already had three abortions and then sacrificed them to Satan, and I'm surprised I even saw you at your great-grandmother's funeral, immoral and heathen that she was, and I'm surprised you even came back to celebrate Thanksgiving when you won't even accept our help, even though we weren't giving you money, we were just putting a roof over your head and making you pay every last one of your other bills, and then telling you you shouldn't have a boyfriend until you're thirty and making you listen to Christian music instead of those dope-smoking Beatles and I bet you smoke dope now don't you and you know what I'll bet you even deal it, you ingrate, and we hate you hate you hate you now eat your fucking turkey goddammit, it's Thanksgiving."

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