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A tender morsel of hilarity found here.

illicit: Good evening

May I humbly request a "What what"?

bambiblue: Also, I think it would indeed be helpful if you could get all the ladies which are currently in the house to say something along the lines of: "Ho." or maybe even have them scream.

And if you can't hear them, thell them so.

illicit: That's a pretty good idea.

They could also wave their hands in the air and forgoe any precautionary measures towards the care of those hands.

bambiblue: And if they deem in necessary to proceed further with this recklessness, they could lift up the entire roof of the establishment.

If that's not enought they could set it ablaze, and then neglect it -- allowing for it to completely incinerate.

Please be kind and gentle to the metaquoting virgin? :)
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