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Bullet spewing Baby OF DEATH!

shinga speaks on her time in the Army and her favorite thing about Basic Training.

Oh yeah. My precious M16… my baby. I finally got to actually USE her! :D

Oh, that's another tidbit I forgot to mention. We got issued our M16 on the second day… well DS Murray told the Platoon that we had to name our M16. Me, being… me… decided on "Nosferatu" which made for an amusing moment when DS Murray asked us to tell the rest of the Platoon the name… because she had me explain it (which makes sense, I think maybe TWO people in the whole Platoon knew what Nosferatu was) so I did, and she was like "… You're one of those… freaky… I gotta have a talk with you later, Bussell." Yeah it was funny.

Where was I? OH YES. Basic Rifle Marksmanship. Fun stuff. I got to qualify, and did absolutely horrible, but I passed. The funny part is, I did TONS worse on actual qualification day than I did on pre-qual… WHY GOD WHY. On pre-qual I was getting sniper comments! I mean, COME ON! … Not that it matters much now, but…

So that was fun. Firing my baby… Oh precious Nosferatu, I miss you ;_; I haven't held her since June *sniff*
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