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In an entry of mine, I mused about how Google is taking over the world a bit at a time, and their new gmail IM program is helping achieve that goal.

As usual, active_apathy brought the funny:

ellieptical: But world domination by gmail doesn't sound too bad, seems better than world domination by hotmail.

active_apathy: *nods* Agreed.

"We're sorry. The millions of billboards for penis enlargement, viagra, cheap mobile phones, overseas prescription medications and Nigerian inheritances have taken up more than your allowed portion of the world. We have now deleted your house, your friends, your family and Mrs. Jenkins' dog to get your existence back within your world quota..."

isn't nearly as fun as

"Well, you get this massive piece of the world. Also, you can talk to everyone, keep everything, and everyone's bit of the world is going to grow continually. No, really - you can watch it here. And you can invite 100 other people to the world, too! And your world comes with the power of Google search built right into it, so you never lose stuff ever again. Oh! And all the ads are now tasteful, stylish and unbotrusive text, related to what you're actually doing at the time. Not to worry - it's all automated, and no-one's monitoring your life."
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