Allison Lonsdale (caprine) wrote in metaquotes,
Allison Lonsdale

the nap *owns* you, beeyotch

QWP from a friendslocked post by trinsf:
Have the best fucking 2 hour nap EVAR, godammit. Nap of the GODS! Ontological nap! The very Platonic fucking form of NAP. You want the nap? You can't *handle* the nap! The nap *owns* you, beeeotch, as does the bed, and the Temple of Bathing and the Vintage Park, and let's face it, the Kimpton Hotels of the Kimpton Group, who have your number, baybee, because to be honest, your loyalty can be *bought* for the price of one perfect nap! One. Perfect. Nap.
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