serifina (serifina) wrote in metaquotes,

On bad_rpers_suck there was a post made by celleri_kun about getting an IM from a bad Rper's mother. I asked in a comment if I was the only person who had gaming parents. One of the end responses? This:

"I'm so intrigued. I wonder if there's much difference between gamers if there's some kind of multi-generational geek cred factor. Like, if the gamer son of one pair of gamers and the gamer-girl daughter of another pair of gamers marry and have a son, and that son becomes a gamer, does he technically have some kind of +3 Geek Prestige Merit for being a third-gen gamer? Or is it just a -1 Social Handicap Flaw for being so steeped in nerditude he can't understand mainstream culture? Cause I'd feel pretty bad saddling my future son with an automatic Flaw at character creation just because I'm a terminal nerd." -

<a href="">Original post here</a>
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