Uncle Steve (tyrell) wrote in metaquotes,
Uncle Steve

Static - dangerous stuff

stu_n replied to my post about Kiera Knightley and Scarlett Johansson doing a nude photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

tyrell: "They don't look *comfortable*. This is a black-sheeted bed, they should be reclining like cats, not perched like they're scared of falling off it."

stu_n: "Nylon sheets. They're only held in place by static electricity. Tom Ford has got an electric cable trailing off his shoe onto the floor behind the bed, and he isn't biting Keira's ear — he's earthing her, like a human crocodile clip.
Scarlett's kept in place more securely because she's actually inflatable. That's why she looks so smooth, and less bony than Keira."
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