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justelizabeth wrote in metaquotes
seperis tells us what she's learned from her new pet rabbit...

Apparently, it is not all fun and fur when owning a rabbit. After bribing him with a new bed, a carrot shaped chew toy, and a wooden structure that looks suspiciously like something Child played with as an infant, Reginald the Rabbit deigned to look at me directly before wandering off.


2.) Do not willy-nilly pet Reginald. He will sometimes, if you are good and the moon is blue, sit still in your general vicinity long enough to allow you to gently pet his head for a very brief time. He reserves the right, however, to unexpectedly get up and wander off. At a disturbingly fast run. The story of the tortise and the hare now makes some epic sense. Some people might call it *teleportation*.


5.) Reginald can teleport. No, really. No, seriously.


7.) My rabbit does not love me. I am reduced to reading up on rabbit psychology and rabbit behavior. On *multiple websites*. I am reduced to reading the psychology of a freaking rabbit. Reginald apparently is showing a lot of behavior associatd with, say, deep and powerful loathing, mixed with pity. I am pitied by my rabbit.


I have been whipped by a rabbit. Somehow, this seems almost inevitable.

QWP, from this post.

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"I am pitied by a rabbit."


Reminds me of Life With Rats. XD

That was hilarious. I had to share with my boyfriend, who hasn't shared his opinion through AIM. Yet.

All of that is definitely true. The only times my bun will come right over to my is when he jumps up on the table and is afraid to jump down again.

*dies of laughter*

This takes me back. My old rabbit, Fluffy (I was six, okay?), always looked at me as if she was thinking 'Oh bless you, you inferior form of life. Now give me a carrot and maybe I will not bite you'.

Good times.

couldn't read the metaquote because I"m staring at your way too distracting icon. *stares*

God I love them.

What a coincidence...I love yours, too! :o)

Sounds like my old rabbit. Excpet my rabbit didn't pity me, he just wanted to show he could outsmart me. At first I thought the chewing his way through the freakin' wall was just something every rabbit did, but then he chewed his way through the wire we put over the hole and then went and let my other rabbit out. He managed it no matter what lock we put on.

Re teleport: Remember Bugs Bunny showed us how a proper cartoon rabbit exits a scene. Standing there one second, nothing but a kerfuffle of dust the next. That's really how they go too, man, it's like whoof! Gonedaddy.

I love the way you phrased that :) Never heard kerfuffle anywhere else but at home!

That's odd...I see it a lot online, although often, annoyingly, with a superfluous l inserted. Folks, it is only a "kerfluffle" if it is an actual fight between static-charged Persian cats. :p



I've actually gotten some strange looks from using high-falutin' words in actual conversation. Because apparently 'real people' don't talk like that. Suppose I don't quite exist then :P

There's a reason why the word for rabbit in a lot of languages means "little king". They're egos with long ears. And moreso the smaller they are. I used to have a little bun...he liked being petted, but he still ran things and knew it.

I own two mini-lops, both of which if they figured out how to feed themselves, would happily kill me at their earliest convenience.

And folks think cats are bad...

That's hilarious. And true. I used to have a rabbit that loved being pet and held. It was a fluke. The rabbit I have now will come up to me and allow me to pet him sometimes, but if I put him in my lap or pick him up he scratches the shit out of me. I just don't pick him up anymore, because people started to ask if I cut myself.

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