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metaquotes virgin here *waves*

talesinbloom talks about her job as a librarian:

Never let it be said being a librarian is a boring job.

Latest in a long line of too many freaks, not nearly enough circuses:

Porn star say what?

When checking out kid movies from your local small town library, please be sure you get Power Rangers: Turbo back in the box, and not your jizz-stained, "oh, I was just going to tape over that", Cum All Over porn video.

Or better yet, keep your jizz-stained, "my wife accidentally switched your tape for one that I was keeping to tape over", Cum All Over porn video far far away from your children's movies. Little Johnny or Sweet Susie doesn't necessarily need to know that Bambi likes facials. And do you know the kind of special levels of hell would have been created, had Power Rangers checked back out without any one noticing?

The reeeally disturbing thing is how my brain, without my say so, immediately started riffing off the many ways Power Rangers: Turbo and porn videos could be satirized, while the dude was standing there looking all ill at ease with his masturbatory material in hand. *snerk*


QWP in its entirety. you can see it here as well.
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