The Cute One (jdotmi) wrote in metaquotes,
The Cute One

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cmpriest strikes again

Or rather, Spainycat strikes again.

What’d happened, apparently, is that the cat, to express her displeasure, or something, has drawn a treasure map on our carpet, WITH HER ASS. We have got, like skid marks, all of the place, and this is a small apartment, it's not like you could put a pillow or something on top of them.

Oh my god, they’re everywhere! It's like in a hospital, like when they put paint stripes on the floor to tell you how to get to different wings and departments. That is what my apartment looks like, except it all leads to POO. Theres just poo, everywhere. I know she’s a big cat, but I didn’t know she’s literally made entirely of poo. But now I know, so ok.
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