Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in metaquotes,
Blackjack Gabbiani


magicalcow, here:

I don't think anyone really appreciates how much this really fucking hurts.

Allow me to describe.

Imagine first of all, that someone's just slammed a heavy metal object into your second-to-back left molar, then tied a rope around it and started dragging you forwards by it, tied to a bus. Then imagine that all of those magical WMD Saddam supposedly had were actually embedded into your palate, and are now exploding one by one. Also imagine that all of your top teeth currently feel like they're being squished by an industrial squisher/steam roller. Then finally, all of the top half of your face is now burning with pain, your cheeks are slightly swollen and the only way to relieve any pain is to breathe through the left side of your mouth, thus making you sound like either Darth Vader or a complete twat.
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