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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Bear Nuts
six_crazy_guys wrote in metaquotes
active_apathy comments randomly on apostrophes in usernames:

That'd be dangerous. Many, many LJers have no idea what to do with an apostrophe. They could hurt themselves with the pointy end.

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Hurt myself, eh? We'll see. I think I know how to handle an apostrophe.

' ' ' ' ... ow. Okay fine.

But...but... they're really good at getting into those really itchy places when you need a good scratch!

But remember - while they help with other people's itchy places, they shouldn't be helping with yours.

"Stabbed to death with an apostrophe" -- someone should suggest this as an idea for Bob The Angry Flowe'r.

That calls for an icon. Think the Comma Sutra thing icon.

HA! Isn't that the truth.

That icon is amazing. May I steal-with-appropriate-credit? I promise to always keep it fed and watered and to take it for walks in snarky comment threads.

At this point, I picture active_apathy wearing a face like Santana at the 2000 Grammys...at first, she's all happy and honored, but by now, she's like, "Christ, do I have to walk all the way up there again for another effing statue?"

Actually, no. It's still fun. :)

*has no idea what a metastatue would look like, and thus imagines Oscar standing on top of Lord Nelson, holding a Grammy with an ARIA shoved into it and balancing a Tony on his head*


*would die laughing if someone photoshopped that*

I smell an icon challenge.


See, what you need to do next is fake your own death (omg it's so tryndee to do that!), because you KNOW someone would metaquote it. And there could be icons.

Metas on my death have been greatly exaggerated.

It's really no worse than a "Died; better now" icon. :)

Yes, but then it means you'll have to put up with LJ names that look like cockney greengrocer signs for "potatoe's". I can just see __xoboulevardofbrokendreem'z__ and eyeheartemogangsta's.

Possibly worse is the fact that the apostrophe will spawn the ability to make almost-duplicate usernames. Expect both harrypottersangel and harrypotter'sangel. Same goes for orlando'sgroupielovepuppet and 50cent'scompletelyplatonicandnongayhomie. Although probably not hagrid'sdruggedfluffer. And sadly not iwasmummy'sfailedabortion.

Unfortunately, all the ones with the underscores in the front of their names haven't managed to accidentally lj-cut their wrists just yet, but hope remains.

I d'Ont know what your's talking about. :|

OW. Geez, enough. That one hurt to read.

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