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Society for the Prevention of One-Eyed Dominic Monaghan fans.

kilted and exitsign had an interesting exchange on the dangers of this photograph.

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exitsign:Man, yeah, he's... he's definitely trying to kill people. I can't even... there should be a law against things like that. YOU CAN'T JUST SPRING THAT ON SOMEONE, DOM, THAT'S NOT RIGHT. I COULD HAVE BEEN EATING, I COULD HAVE CHOKED TO DEATH.

kilted: yeah... he needs like a caution sign or something, seriously.

exitsign:Oh, man. He could, like, put it right over his crotch. And people... stupid people, they would be all "wassat for?" and he could be all "::lifts::" and they could be all "OH MY GOD MY EYE MY EYE" and then they could pan out and have a very deeply voiced man say "Dominic Monaghan's penis: It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye." And it could be brought to you by the Society for the Prevention of One-Eyed Dominic Monaghan Fans.

kilted:Oh god, oh god... that's fucking awesome. And there'd have to be like a sound effect or something when he lifted the sign. It'd be really dramamtic and shit. Oh those poor one-eyed fools...

Source. Flocked, but QWP.

And seeing this after tonight's episode of Lost, where he's wearing the...well, you know. *stays spoiler free* It's just too much.

*Edited because there is, in fact, an underscore in kilted
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