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space oddity

brotherlawrence has delivered the best play-by-play of Canada's 39th general election that I've seen thusfar. It goes through the day's events, bit by bit:

8:04 AM: Paul Martin sits weeping at his breakfast table, wondering when it all went so wrong. Polling indicates C36/L29/NDP18/BQ12/G4. Steven Harper slides a slice of raw meat through Rob Anders cage and cackles. "Soon, my pretty" he says; "you will roam free, and they shall know our wrath!" Conservative minority predicted.

8:10 AM: New negative campaign ads released. "Paul Martin has never gone on record saying he doesn't eat babies..." "Hello, I'm Paul Martin. I'm here to tell you that Steven Harper, given the option, would share makeouts with George Bush." polls: C35/L28/NDP18/BQ13/G5

9:00 AM: The ballots officially open. The shockwave caused by millions of Canadians rushing to the polling stations deafens absolutely nobody. Scientists conclude that there may, in fact, have been no such rush.

9:01 AM: The sound of tumbleweed is followed by that of crickets.

The whole post is hilarious. Go, read, laugh, and then cry when you remember who's now in power.
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