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More tales from the library

Once again, anandangel gets me giggling:

LEAH: Hello, Davis Circulation.
VOICE: Um. Hi. We - there are four of us - were in the elevator coming down from the seventh floor, and all of a sudden it dropped to the basement in like two seconds.
LEAH: Er. Ok, is the elevator stuck down there?
VOICE: Well, the doors opened and we were afraid to stay in it. We walked around looking for the stairs but we couldn't find any, and we walked into a room and the door closed behind us, and we're locked in.
LEAH: You are so full of it.
LEAH: Ok. We'll send someone down there, would you like to stay on the line?
VOICE: No, we'll call back if we have to.
LEAH: Yep. Lies. All lies.
LEAH: All right, that's fine. Someone will be down in a minute.
*hangs up*
*tells story to now-returned Shaw, other people at the desk*
LEAH: Ok, who's going down?
SHAW: ...Flip you for it?


I really love working here.

The quote is snicker-worthy, but my god, the entire post just makes it. Read the whole thing here, it's seriously worth it.
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