Presumptuous Homuncula, French Batman Enthusiast (schizospider) wrote in metaquotes,
Presumptuous Homuncula, French Batman Enthusiast

This is bat country...

your_bad_dream had a run-in with a bat, and reminisces:

I would like to say that my father is not a puppy kicker, or kitty thrower (he in fact secretly cuddles the cats when he thinks no one is looking) nor does he regularly practice genocide on bats (batacide?). He will, however, protect his hearth and home from screaming-hissing-won't-die bats, as I think all fathers should.

QWP from here. The whole entry's pretty funny (although, I should warn you, one of the stories is the death of the above-mentioned bat), as she discusses the many bat run-ins of her life.
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