¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤ (kielle) wrote in metaquotes,
¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤

As many of you would know, goth dancing involves a great deal of "oh the agony, *nail.hand.forehead*" gestures, along with the classic 'there's something in my eye', 'my ankh is caught in my skirt' and 'the incompetent gravedigger' gestures. It's all about the arms. And about surreptitiously watching everyone to see if you're being upstaged whilst not appearing to do so.

But of course in a crowded mosh, there's not all too much room for dramatic hand-gestures, and at your local pub, you may well get beaten up or at least thrown out for dancing as though you've had some bad absinthe, so not many people do it. Except for me. Yay me.

-- arabel
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