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Discussing her aunt going to a sperm bank...

Kid: Mommy, where did I come from?

Mom: Well, your sorry excuse for a daddy has old dried up sperm, and he couldn't break mommy off good and proper.

Kid: So daddy's not my daddy?

Mom: No sweetie, I had to go to this big building, kind of like a bank, except they take green money and give you white sticky "money" instead.

Kid: ...I'm not buying it, bitch.Where did I really come from?

Mom: Okay you little bastard, some dude who looked kind of cute in the profile but is probably a fucking psychopath thought about something dirty and jerked off in this plastic cup. The doctor took a turkey baster, jammed it up my pussy, and 9 months later, you were born! Miraculous, ain't it?

~ starian2006, here, in childfree.
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