Brassy Hag (miggy) wrote in metaquotes,
Brassy Hag

I can understand the need to find a common bond with one of your co-workers, but why is it that only women ask other women if they have kids? Why don't men care to ask, or why these women ask men?

I think from now on when people ask me that question I'm gonna respond by saying a different kind of animal I have as a pet.

Do you have kids?
I have cats,
I have a bird,
I have fish,
I have a guinea pig,
OR (the one that'll probably make people stay away from me):

I have crabs. Well, I do. They're pets. They live in my aquarium. Red legged land crabs....bigger than hermit or fiddler crabs.

Yep, that'll be my response. "No, I have crabs."

-- twilight_ashes in childfree, here
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