academia nut (spatialrift47) wrote in metaquotes,
academia nut

Oh, the humanity!

I search. No charger.

By now I'm thinking 'where did you gooo?' and my phone is beginning to run a little low on juice. Phone and I have a serious discussion, and it agrees to go into stasis for the duration of the catastrophe. I turn it off regretfully.

Time passes. I release my phone from stasis a few times for to check my messages...and gradually my phone begins to lose the fight. It gets sicker and sicker, and soon I'm only able to get sense out of it for seconds at a time, until, at last, it falls into a coma, the like of which i'd never seen it in before. Now when I try and turn it on, it flashes up an unlit 'Phone is out of battery'. Shocked, my efforts to find the missing charger are redoubled. It's a life or death mission now!

Will reonyea recover her phone's charger? Will it be mission accomplished or will her phone go to the Big Charger In The Sky? Will she dig through the mountains of clothes and books in time? Will I ever link to the context? Find out here!
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