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All Hail Mom, Destroyer of Worlds!

A customers_suck entry by invalidcaracter  about an interesting toddler who entered his store here spawns the following comment by ms_anthropy :

At the toddler age, a lot of times when they learn a new rule they turn into tiny little hall monitors and go around practicing it on *everyone* indiscriminately. It takes a while to get them to figure out what's appropriate. When my son was about two, he used to constantly tell strangers in restaurants not to chew with their mouths open. *cringes/dies laughing when out of sight*

It was like, mom, if it's OK for you to stop *me* from doing it, why aren't you stopping that complete stranger over there from doing it too? No fair! (Mom rules the world, you see, and has authority over everyone in the restaurant. All hail mom, destroyer of worlds! LOL!)


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