ems (ems) wrote in metaquotes,

I feel a bit of a sap, metaquoting my boyfriend, but I feel I need to share teh_funny.

thenorthernline achieves the impossible - amusing answers to a meme!
[6] If you could go anywhere where would you go?: Anywhere that isn't a British colony/former British colony, because I don't trust the British to make a good job of anything. Apart from maybe catching colds, and acting like cretins in restaurants.


[31] Do you believe in Vampires?: Don't we call them the hematically challenged nowadays? I like how goths always pretend to be into all that vampire shit. I bet if they had to drink blood they'd soil themselves. I don't know how they can claim to like all these depraved activities when the majority of them are allergic to sunlight. If you can't take sunlight, you can't take The Hellish Pursuits Of The Damned, I'm afraid.
Context is here, and it's really worth reading. Because he is, in fact, highly amusing.
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