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This is from a locked post in my journal, but I am not responsible for the funny.

(Background: While editing an unpublished fantasy manuscript, I paraphrased something Teresa Nielsen Hayden said about "exotic" fictional names and locations that are named after Indian dishes. Some people ran with it...)

My original post, entitled "The Village of Paneer in the Kingdom of Aloo Ghobi": "...make sure that when I Google the names of your characters, I don't come up with any Indian dishes or cryonics companies."

dobrovolets: Anyone who puts the village of Paneer in the kingdom of Aloo Ghobi is just adding needless fat and calories.

bike4fish: Yeah, keep Paneer in Saag, where it belongs.

zingerella: But palanquin of Aloo Ghobi claims Paneer, because his mother was the half-sister of the third wife of the viceroy of Mutter, who brought Paneer to Aloo as part of her marriage portion.

dobrovolets: What about the Earl of Ketchiree? I've heard he's laid claim to it and is marshaling his forces along the banks of the Raita.

zingerella: He's an upstart pretender from the Daal, but if he can ford the Raita along with his forces, he might stand a very good chance of extending his ill-gotten demesne.

bike4fish: As the spring rains did not come to the desert of Galub Jaman, the Riata is running low this year, which has only whetted the Earl's appetite for conquest. Even the residents of Naan and Pakura are getting nervous.

dobrovolets: That is why King Uttapham of Naan has given his daughter, Princess Masaladosa, in marriage to Count Sambar of Pakora. The resulting alliance should be more than enough to check Ketchiree's ambitions.

zingerella: But the alliance could falter if the Count becomes aware of Masaladosa's intrigue with the Earl's younger brother, the achar of Uppillittuthu, a renowned adventurer who has left many a loftier woman in a pickle.

I love my friends list.
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