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Lost + LOTR

So during one of my weekly LOST recaps, nobleplatypus and mencc1701 decide that...

nobleplatypus: Vincent has chosen. Ana Lucia is next to die. They'll just have her hang around until Jack Inevitably Snogs Her, then her purpose will be fulfilled and she can die on the front line of Dumbledore's Jack's Army. More angst for teh doctor. Maybe he can die too, in a vain attempt to save her.
mencc1701: He's not Dumbledore... he's Saruman. Duh.

"Build me... AN ARMY!"
nobleplatypus: I can totally see him getting all up in some Red Shirt's face. "Whom do you serve?"
mencc1701: He's gonna build himself a tower, too. I can just see it.
nobleplatypus: And breed really big boars on which his evil minions can ride about. He'll call them Boargs. "Send out your Boarg Riders!"
mencc1701: I can see Locke getting imprisoned on the top of the tower, too.
nobleplatypus: Good thing he's so knowledgable about moths.
mencc1701: Who isn't, really? It'll turn into black smoke and wisk him away.
nobleplatypus: And Jack will watch him go, his expression somewhere between anger, incredulity, and the usual constipation. "So you have chosen... death." And the theme music will be written in 5/4 and based heavily in the percussion and low brass.

QWP, thread is here.
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