Ang (angledge) wrote in metaquotes,

The Chocolate Crescent City.

gutterboylive comments on Mayor Nagin's speech in the neworleans community:

I'd love to live in a chocolate city...

- The meter maids would write Golden Tickets!

- The gum would taste like a five-course meal at Commander's!

- Annoying tourists would be flushed down the chocolate Mississippi River and shelled to death by the squirrels in Audubon Park!

- Every time Tom Benson opens his mouth, we could shove it full of Everlasting Gobstoppers!

- And when Ray Nagin announces his next candidacy for mayor, all the citizens could gather in Jackson Square and sing "Pure Imagination."

Original post here, quoted in full, but lots of funny in the comments. QWP.

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