And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

About MJ videos...

Scream: disturbing
In The Closet: disturbing
Remember The Time: disturbing
Black Or White: disturbing (ESPECIALLY the extended version)
Leave Me Alone: disturbing
Smooth Criminal: disturbing
The Way You Make Me Feel: disturbing
Bad: disturbing
Thriller: disturbing
Billie Jean: those glowing tiles in the sidewalk were pretty nifty
Beat It: disturbing

-- pootrootbeer

littledevi: A beautiful woman is walking down the street. It's at night, she's alone. It starts to rain.

Suddenly, a gang of toughs jumps out in front of her. The gang leader quite literally gets in her face and starts making his moves. No matter where she goes, he's after her, disallowing her escape, even though she's clearly disinterested.

Ladies -- at this point, would you 1) fall in love with your pusuant; or 2) shit yourself and go beserk screaming?

Now if Michael Jackson were the gang leader, would you still be scared shitless?

azcoasterguy: You know that when he grabs his crotch and screams causing the windows of the car to burst out, you would be his for the taking. ;-)

gremlingirl: I would dance at him in a threatening manner. It worked for the Jets and Sharks.
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