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Coffee: The new drug

From yahtzee63:

So this is your Earth "coffee" --

As some of you know, I have never, throughout my life, been able to drink coffee. It tasted nasty to me. So, whatever. I had a Diet Coke in the morning, reasoned that this gave me a caffeine boost and went on my way.

Late last week, a coworker pressed a sample of some new flavor on me. (We are debating the current flavor-packet selection with the kind of concentrated, emotional effort usually reserved for presidential campaigns.) It wasn't bad.

Then rivkat offered me some this last weekend, and I milked and sugared it up, and it wasn't bad.

Then I had some on Tuesday. And I liked it. No, I loved it.

And I have been HIGH EVER SINCE.

I can't believe this! This stuff is legal? Every single human being I've talked with for the past ten years has been doped up on this stuff! And I never knew! I can see through time!

And this is just my first cup of the day!
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