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Metaquotes: Destroying Beloved Childhood Figures One Quote At A Time

Background: delacoeur is a psychology student. :)

Personality Theory today: Luciane was chatting about various behaviors and how we can explain them based on personality traits. We listed good and bad behaviors--mostly bad, like murder and lying and abuse, with very few good, like love and kindness. So she asked, "Can you have one without the other?" And immediately the Care Bears popped into my head. Child of the '80s, that's me. And then my mind went on a very scary tangent wherein the Care Bears Go Bad, and after five minutes of letting my mind wander, Gloomy Bear was standing victorious over the bloody carcasses of Sunshine Bear and Lucky Bear and all the rest.

It was kinda like Bambi vs. Godzilla, but bloodier.

My abnormal psychology textbook says, "...psychiatrists and psychologists may have long-standing emotional problems that stimulated their career interest in the first place."

Sometimes I wonder.

That's the entire post. Locked, QWP.
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