beetlebomb (beetlebomb) wrote in metaquotes,

From beerhorse
LOL! So, occassionally I'll be social with my co-workers. For some reason I told the story about cleaning out my grandfather's attic and finding my box of Barbie Dolls; they were all naked and headless. I explained that when I was a kid I used to like the hair on the Tropical Barbies, but they all had straight arms. I like the dolls with the bent arms because they could actually hold things. So, I used to pop the heads off and rearrange my dolls. :)

Co-worker: You know, life doesn't work that way.
Me: I know! I've tried it with boyfriends!

At that point I said, "Ok, I've given too much away, I've got to go," and left them all laughing at the table. :)
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