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bluesilverkdg went to the girldoc today, but at least she had some entertainment:
Not long after I'd began reading my article, this young girl, maybe 15,16 walks in. She's accompanied by her equally young, greasy-haired, saggy drawers wearing, K-Fed looking boyfriend, and a very frazzled mother. I notice that the girl is sporting a very impressive bump under her sweats and t-shirt, so I just assume they're there for a prenatal visit. They walk up to the window and the mother says to the receptionist.....are you ready for this? because it's good.....she says to the receptionist: "We think she may be pregnant."

I wanted to say "honey, this is the first time I've EVER seen her and I can assure you...she IS pregnant!" I could tell that the receptionist was just as dumb-founded as I at But, being the consummate professional, she kept a straight face and said "OK, how long as it been since you had a period?" The girl says "seven months."

Hmmm. Lets think on this. She's not had a period for seven months and looks like she swallowed a whole watermelon. I know, I know! She might be pregnant!

People never cease to amaze me.
How do you not realize that you're SEVEN months late? And why is it that the stupid ones keep procreating?
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