None of your business. :P (staringopenly) wrote in metaquotes,
None of your business. :P

[*discussing possible, happier alternate endings to Brokeback Mountain*]

No, I have it! They drove off and joined the Village People! Because you can never have too many gay dancing cowboys!

... Typing that just prompted this mental image to pop into my brain. I'm... very sad.

Michelle Williams: :*(
Anne Hathaway: wahts wrong/?
Michelle Willams: my husband ran away 2 b in teh village peolpe
Anne Hathaway: omg mine 2
Michelle Williams: taht suks
Anne Hathaway: yah
Michelle Williams: ilu
Anne Hathaway: <3

*cue lesbionic gay cowboy wife lovin*

Taken from a flocked post of twirlability's. With permission.
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