Circéus (six_crazy_guys) wrote in metaquotes,


joanofarq answers telaryn on her roach problems:

4:31 You know when I first moved down south, to Georgia, a man who drawled so much it took him two hrs. to say my name, told me with a totally straight face that the only way to kill one of those buggers is to pick it up, put it on the wall of your garage, and then ram it with your car about ten times.

My dogs roll in palmetto bugs (when they can snag 'em) like they're fresh kill from the steppes.

I'm surprised, having lived here your whole life, that they skiv you out so much. I barely notice the local flora and fauna anymore -- except the other day, when I saw an armadillo marching down the middle of our block like he owned it, it did give me pause.

5:08 Addendum: I just heard scratching at my glass patio door, looked up, and observed the Muther of All Raccoons demanding to be allowed into my house.

I yelled for the dogs who are asleep and totally uninterested.

Maybe I can locate the armadillo and enlist HIS help.
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