Mat Bowles (matgb) wrote in metaquotes,
Mat Bowles

Baby on board?

mdmnmdllr really doesn't like those signs:
Yeah, I know, you're saying "Why should this seemingly harmless announcement by a proud parent bother you?" Well, think about it. Is it really a proud parent, or is it instead some nervous nellie who shouldn't be on the road in the first place?  Isn't it, in fact, one of the most insulting things you could find?  It assumes you to be a reckless, out-of-control goon who needs to be told to drive safely.  "Be careful, you twit!" it sanctimoniously demands. "I've got a kid in the back of this vehicle, and you better be careful around me!" (Never mind if I slow you down or cut you off or drive as if I'm the only one on the road.  That doesn't count.  You still need to be careful of me.)  It assumes the far majority of people don't have better things to do with our time than playing demolition derby on our roads, targeting vehicles at random for mutual annihilation ...
Go read the rest. I hate the things as well, they're everywhere damnit!
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