cuntrystar (cuntrystar) wrote in metaquotes,

my first meta quote :)

my first meta quote but so damn funny

i looked up roast beef w/ my buddy b/c we are dying to know what it looks like and I found this......So there I am with a mirror, naked on the living room floor, looking at my cunt, which I think is pretty neat looking although my unliberated boyfriend thinks all snatches look like roast beef sandwiches. Well, that's why he's unliberated. Anyway, I'm alternating squeezing my labia together so that they pop out like a purple wet butterfly, with stretching them out, and I mean stretching them. All stretched like that the colors are perfectly visible. The parts closer to my body are really red, deep scarlet. And then they darken gradually to bluish purple and then to almost black. Now I know that this deep color is because I'm Sicilian, but suddenly this evil critical voice perks up and says, "Well, how come none of the chicks in porno movies have black labia?" So I'm like, well maybe there are no Sicilians in the industry, which I know can't be true.
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