Ami Elizabeth (spidersilken_ai) wrote in metaquotes,
Ami Elizabeth

From phonographgirl;

(From a Friends Only post... quoted with permission)

Here's the link to actual post... though it's friends only so... Carly/Cat.

Carly Simon wrote "Anticipation" (1971) about love interest Cat Stevens.

Okay, can you imagine what beautiful music they would have made together?!?

And the conversations they'd have.

"Carly, where the hell is the Peace Train?!"

"Well, Cat, I'm sorry, but this Anticipation is making me wait."

"I have a date for tea with the tillerman in ten minutes, Carly!"

"What are you getting snippy about? Last week you told me you'd love me until snowmen sleep in the sea."

"Yeah, and until my body turns into an old man, blah, blah, blah."

"You're so vain!"

*disgusted look*

"Oh, so very young."

I love it when she fangirls over music...

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